9 Ideas for Shower Niches That Add Style And Storage To Your Bathroom

Have you ever noticed that when you look at room makeovers and images of glamorous bathrooms, there is always a shower niche? Shower niches are practical functions and provide visual interest to a bathroom. I don't know of any interior designers who design a bathroom without them. 

A shower niche eliminates the need for a shower caddy. The recessed niche provides a space for placing your soap, shampoo, and other bathroom toiletries.  It’s easy for a contractor to incorporate into your design because a single niche is built between the wall studs. 

It also provides visual interest.  The recessed feature can be accented with a stunning tile design.  It’s an opportunity for a homeowner to showcase tile that is more luxurious but used in a small area it doesn’t break the bank.

I’ll showcase a variety of inspiring shower niches that show all the possibilities of customization that will make your bathroom your sanctuary.

This is only a small sanpshot of how shower niches can be designed.  What do you think the most imprtant feature of a bathroom niche is? Continue the conversation in the commnets.