5 Ideas For Art That Work For Any Home

If you're not a seasoned art collector it can be difficult to figure out how to add artwork to your home. This article will provide some ideas that will take all of the stress out of finding artwork.  These options range from quirky animals to sentimental animal portraits.  Art is subjective. Its value is in the eye of the beholder and can be customized to your individual taste.


You can never go wrong with an image of a city's skyline. I recommend selecting a cityscape that has meaning to you. For example, a cityscape from a place you visited, your hometown, or somewhere you aspire to travel. Cityscapes range from panoramic photographs, contemporary paintings, or line drawings. The possibilities for Cityscapes are endless which makes them a universal option for artwork for your home's decor.

Fashion Art

Fashion design is a form of art so it makes sense that it can be represented as art that you decorate your home with. Fashion inspired art could be a collection of images of clothing, a sketch of a ball gown or image of a stiletto heel. Fashion inspired art is a way to display your style in your home.  Personally, I like images of gowns and shoes because they’re feminine and elegant. 

Acrylic Pour Art

Acrylic Pour is a way of creating art from paint that is poured onto a canvas and moved around the canvas by the artist to create unique swirls and cells.  Acrylic pour art is impressive because the process of creating it shows the movement of the image and variety of colors. It is compatible with any decor style because it can be customized to meet any color palette. It’s abstract without being misunderstood by most people. Acrylic pour art is a form of artwork that you can do yourself if you have time and patience. 

Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art is mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium has been employed. For example, an artist paints onto a canvas but adds other items to create a collage. Mixed media art can be abstract or figurative. The other items on the canvas to create the “mixed media” could be paper, florals, metals, found objects, beads, photographs, etc. Mixed media art is often three dimensional, so it adds texture and dimension to your home’s décor. 



Animals have been a subject matter in the art from the days of cave paintings. Animals in artwork can range from pet portraiture, animals in quirky situations, wildlife photography, and many more.  

These ideas for artwork will put you on the path to sourcing new ideas for decorating your home. They let your personality shine and bring unique subject matter to your home.