Ultimate Cruise Essentials For Family Travel

I’ve been taking cruises for Years, and I’ve cultivated must-have accessories that will make your cabin and experience more delightful.  Last year I took my first cruise with my daughter and added a few more items to my list to make life with a toddler on board more convenient.

1. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

If you have a lot of small accessories that you want to keep organized without having to rummage through a drawer, this is perfect. One caveat, if your cabin has bi-fold doors, an organizer won’t be compatible.


I use this for beach days. The safe has a deep compartment that can fit phones, my GoPro camera, ID’s, and money. It loops the cable around two beach chairs, and I can enjoy my time in the ocean without worrying about my belongings. The safe opens with a key or combination code.

Cruise ship cabins have a measly two outlets. If you have multiples devices and accessories as I do, a travel surge protector meets that need. This one has two power outlets and 2 USB ports.

This waterproof, fashionable sandal is a fashion must-have! Its comfortable for walking around serves as a beach/pool shoe because it dries fast, and they're stylish enough to wear in the evening.


I discovered this travel hack for converting a regular cabin into a suite like atmosphere. I use magnetic hooks to hang a shower curtain in front of the bed. It creates a room divider. When my daughter is sleeping, I have a separate area for lounging and watching TV without disturbing her.

I use this inflatable tub, so my daughter can still enjoy bath time while on board. She’ll stay in the bath for 20 minutes, and it relaxes her and makes bedtime easier. It rolls up easy and compact in my suitcase.


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Laundry services on a cruise ship can add up.  I use this kit to wash items and hang them to dry in the shower. Most cruise ship bathrooms have a retractable clothesline.